04 November 2012

New Portfolio

I have a new portfolio. Pay it a visit and see what I have been up to lately. mihafeus.com

12 March 2012

A minimalistic animation

A very short motion graphic with only the most essential elements. All those airports actually exist.
Music: Venetian Snares - My So-Called Life
(Mr. Snares has no idea I borrowed his music)

21 August 2011

Moving forward

It surprises me that this blog hasn't jumped in front of a train yet, because of the lack of love I give it.

Since my last post (in March) I was working on a industrial/interaction design project for Visionect. I will write more about it in one of my next posts.

Now to the really good news (well, to some of you it's not news anymore). I have been accepted for the Master in Interaction Design at Umeå Institute of Design, Sweden. I am still puzzled about why I was accepted, but I guess they need someone to make them coffee.

Now to some other good news. Since I uploaded the video about my Camera UI project (yes, that one below) 6 months ago, it got around 800 views. Recently this number jumped to 4200+ thanks to Lukas Mathis and his blog post on Ignore the code. It has since inspired many young designers and other people and has thus fulfilled its goal. Finally the 9 months working on the project and 2 months on the video have paid off.
Thank you Lukas.

14 March 2011

Camera concept and prototype

Ah, finally :)

The video, which will explain it all. The whole project, how and why I did it, together with the final results. Now my question to you is "What should I do with it?". Should I sell it all to a camera manufacturer, write guidelines for the Touchband interface, make a phone app with a similar interface or something else?

28 February 2011


I finally managed to make a portfolio of my best work. It's ready for download: Portfolio

Here are some screen shots:

17 December 2010

How to visualize a Formula 1 race

UPDATE: This image was promoted to the Hall of Fame on www.3delavnica.com

I am not a big fan of Formula 1, but I was curious how a race visualization would look like. So I went through these steps to find out:

1. Watch the recorded race
2. Write down lap positions and other events
3. Explore visual style
4. Turn data into graph
5. Add finishing touches

I wanted to make a visualization that everyone could understand who has ever seen a race. It had to be simple enough to understand, but still give enough accurate information to study the race (strategy, cause and effect). Although it may not look like much, but there are a few days of work in this image. Hope you will enjoy it. Your comments are welcome :)
(click on image to enlarge)

Here are some details (original size):

22 November 2010

New old track

This track was taken from a video of mine. I made it for the video and then exported it together with the background sounds from the video. First the audio influenced the video and now the video influenced this track.


Here is the original video if someone would like to watch it:

I am also seriously thinking about changing the name of this blog, because the current one is just silly and stupid. Update: Blog name changed to "Design stream" :)