25 April 2010

Busy with thesis

My blog is suffering under the lack of my attention. But don't worry, I haven't been lazy all this time from my last post. I created more than 30 icons, but there are still 20 to be done. I laid out the whole menu architecture, created 2 iterations of paper mock-ups and annoyed some people with them (its called user testing). In the last two weeks I created a 3D model of my camera and send it to 3D printing to test ergonomics.

Image of the 3D model and print, I also left some room for the batteries to get a better feeling for weight distribution.

I decided that I won't be doing online testing with a simulation of my interface, but will rather create a working prototype. I spent many days trying to find the right components. On Friday I received the first component, but they sent the wrong one (PS/2 interface instead of USB).

And from now on I will write at least one post per week (on Sundays).

Short link to this post: http://skrci.me/2yUX6


  1. this looks quite promising, keep up the good work.