19 July 2010

Častim pijačo!

Prototip je končan! Zdaj pa je napočil trenutek, ko bi rabil nekaj pridnih prostovoljcev, ki bi se malo poigrali s prototipom in povedali svoje mnenje. Tehnološka nadarjenost ni pomembna, saj so digitalni fotoaparati namenjeni vsem. Testiranje bo mogoče v severno-vzhodni Sloveniji, avgusta pa tudi v Ljubljani.

Če koga ni prepričala pijača, ga bo sigurno ta video:

Prosim delite ta video naprej prijateljem, znancem, domačim živalim, da bom častil čim več pijač in na koncu imel zelo veliko dobrih rezultatov. Če nimate druge možnosti, me lahko kontaktirate na newcameraui@gmail.com.

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04 July 2010

Running low on time, money and motivation

Since my last post I have been manly programming. Although the project is progressing nicely, it is by far not as fast as I expected. I have now exactly 2 months left to turn in the complete thesis and haven't written a word yet. So I still have to write the whole damn thing, do the complete UI comparison testing and write 20% of the code. And as far as motivation goes I am now at a all time low, because I am getting sick and tired of working on the same project.

With the last money I had left, I bought two cameras for UI comparison testing. A used Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T50 with a touchscreen UI and a new Canon Powershot A490 with a standard UI. Sadly I could not afford a Sony with a newer touchscreen interface, so this one will have to do the job. Here is a picture of all the cameras:

Because I have no money and no time to spare, I will also have to leave out all the summer festival. I already missed Nova Rock and will miss Metal Camp and Sziget. And all this isn't actually boosting my motivation...

By the way, I am planing to do 50 UI comparison tests and for this I will need 50 people. So please contact me, if you are interested. One test should probably take around 20 minutes.

P.S: If someone knows where I could get some fine electronics soldered here in Pomurje, please let me know. This is the last thing I need to do to finish the prototype. [Done.]

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