04 July 2010

Running low on time, money and motivation

Since my last post I have been manly programming. Although the project is progressing nicely, it is by far not as fast as I expected. I have now exactly 2 months left to turn in the complete thesis and haven't written a word yet. So I still have to write the whole damn thing, do the complete UI comparison testing and write 20% of the code. And as far as motivation goes I am now at a all time low, because I am getting sick and tired of working on the same project.

With the last money I had left, I bought two cameras for UI comparison testing. A used Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T50 with a touchscreen UI and a new Canon Powershot A490 with a standard UI. Sadly I could not afford a Sony with a newer touchscreen interface, so this one will have to do the job. Here is a picture of all the cameras:

Because I have no money and no time to spare, I will also have to leave out all the summer festival. I already missed Nova Rock and will miss Metal Camp and Sziget. And all this isn't actually boosting my motivation...

By the way, I am planing to do 50 UI comparison tests and for this I will need 50 people. So please contact me, if you are interested. One test should probably take around 20 minutes.

P.S: If someone knows where I could get some fine electronics soldered here in Pomurje, please let me know. This is the last thing I need to do to finish the prototype. [Done.]

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