27 January 2010

Cloud Comb

This idea was first meant to be a 3D object, but after the first sketches this came to be:

13 January 2010

Space Invaders particles explosion

Just a quick video of what I made yesterday:

Render time 3 hours. But youtube compressed it to much that is why you don't see the three hour render time quality.
The music is a demo sample from the track "Mosh Rooms" I am currently working on.

10 January 2010


Until recently I have been generally avoiding any project or idea that included the work with particles, because I was convinced that it's complicated to work with them.
This week I accepted a project that required the work with particles (It could be done by hand, but there would be simply too much work).
I found myself a nice resource online and started playing around with them. I must say that I instantly fell in love with these cute little bastards. And it's not even close as hard working with them as I thought it would be. Just don't turn on collision detection unless you really really need it.

Here is the result of my first day:

And here is the wonderful resource I've been using: http://www.mrbluesummers.com
Thank you Mr Bluesummers!

02 January 2010

Hello World!

Hello there!

I will be using this blog as a portfolio or a stream of my designs and ideas.

I am active in the fields of industrial, graphic and interaction design.
At the moment I am designing a new living room for my grandparents and writing my Bachelor thesis in interaction design.

Current occupation: Freelancer
Status: Student

You can find my previous work in my portfolio: http://mihafeus.carbonmade.com/

See you when I will have something new to show you. Bye.