13 May 2010

Museum Lights and a trip to Denmark

And now to the "wannabe music artist" part of my description. Yes, I recorded a new track and it's ready for you to listen, download and love.

Museum Lights by Echotype

 I will be away for a few days, because I am visiting my friend in Denmark. The trip will go something like this (if everything goes right of course):

Ljutomer -> Klagenfurt (car)
Klagenfurt -> Frankfurt-Hahn (plane)
Frankfurt-Hahn -> Odense (car)

Odense -> Köln (car)
Köln -> Frankfurt-Hahn (bus)
Frankfurt-Hahn -> Klagenfurt (plane)
Klagenfurt -> Ljutomer (car)

I will report back with pictures on Tuesday.

Short link to this post: http://skrci.me/dss04

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