09 May 2010

My interface and Flash Catalyst

It's Sunday all over again and it's once again time for my blog post.
I have considered using Flash Catalyst for my (physical) prototype many times. I have tried both beta versions and am now using the trial version. But it seems to me that it is always missing something I would like to do. For example: It has no "click and drag" actions, which I desperately need for my interface to work properly. Well, there is a scroll component, but this won't do the job. I already gave up on Catalyst, but my mentor insisted that I try to create as much as possible with it and then outline the drawbacks of Catalyst. Yesterday I created the first simulation of my interface. If you would like to play with it you can do so here. If you have any comments, I would love to hear them.

 Image of my interface in action

I will try to learn as much as possible from the Catalyst simulation to avoid mistakes in the final version. But I will still create the final version in standard Flash.

Short link to this post: http://skrci.me/dss02

1 comment:

  1. Well Catalyst is more or less for designers without programming knowledge, right?
    Waiting to see real physical prototype :P