01 June 2010

Pushing Catalyst to the limits

This is what I was able to create with Catalyst before it's stupidity started kicking in. And I must say it kicks in pretty soon and pretty often or every time you want to do something out of the ordinary. Another nice feature would be a "stop helping me" button, because it stands in your way when its trying to help you. I don't know why its impossible to to choose actions to any state from any state. Sometimes it doesn't even give you the same options in the "go to state" and "when in state" (WTF?).  Most of the time I was trying to hack my way around it's limitations, that and the exponentially growing complexity are the reasons why my mock-up isn't fully functional. And of course there are times when Catalyst starts doing what it wants and you have to euthanize it...
What I would like to have is as crossover between the original Flash and Flash Catalyst. This way I could have AS programing capabilities combined with all this cool and simple to create smooth animations. Flowcharts of interactions would also be nice, because you can quickly lose track of actions with growing complexity.

Flash Catalyst is currently in the state of a child with a missing leg - alive but not fully functional.

By the way, sorry for the inconsistency in size in my interaction mock-up (at first I had no intention to connect all the different states).  In case you missed the link to it, here it is again: http://skrci.me/cameraui. One more thing; orange triangles or arrows represent the scroll (tap drag) function in the final interaction prototype, that I was unable to create in Catalyst. The "review" section is loading for quite some time, because Catalyst doesn't resize images when exporting for web (and switching back to menu and photo modes doesn't work, you have to use the browser back arrow).

I am still looking for a C++ programmer and I have to make a correction about my previous post. I don't need drivers, only a small program that turns absolute mode on and I can already provide example programs and code.

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